Preparation and all of the stuff that includes in the wedding could be very expensive. From having the schedule to your day to the clothes and cars that you will use can make your budget turned zero balance. Some people would not think about the money as long as they could celebrate it a very extravagant way. Some women would rather choose to have their own dream wedding gown and it will cost so much money.  Since, you decided to have it in a very out of this world way then you have to minimize the budget for the place of your reception. But if you have a creative mind and open-minded brain then you could save more when it comes to this.

Most of the couple would love to get married on Saturday or Sunday because these days are the rest days for most of the people. It is also convenient for most of your visitors even for kids as they don’t need to go to school on weekends. Due to it is a very usual day for most of them to get married these days, then most of the restaurants or hotels would have a different price during weekends. They are more likely to be expensive rather than the normal days.

Think about which is more of your priority for the venue. Choose whether you would like to have a good venue and nice views but the food would be so expensive ad very limited since it is very costly.  Or having a good food and have a lot of food choices but the place is just normal.

If you are living in a small village, then it is great to have your reception there. You don’t need to waste much money having it held in a big city. The prices of the foods and places in a big city is more than what you are expecting. But if this is your decision, then you can hire a private a car or bus for your visitors. You can check denver party bus rentals.

If you really want to cut down the expenses that you are having. Then, having your wedding and reception in one place. You don’t need to have two if it is not necessary.

Having a good communication and negotiation ability would help you to get more discounts. You have some discount coupons or maybe some special offerings from them. You may ask your friends if they know someone working there to get a membership card or even more and great advantages in their services. Asking them if you will pay in full amount, you could have a big discount. Some hotels and restaurants have special package that is already discounted.

If you really don’t have much money to have a good place to hold it. Then you could have it in your back yard. You may ask your relatives to cook the dishes and serve it during the ceremony.

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